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Why Have An After-Photo Session

An after session is a post-wedding photoshoot with you and your partner. Unlike an engagement session, you dress up again in your wedding attire and go out for a photo session.

You can have it a day after your wedding, the next week, or the next month; it is flexible and dependent on availability. Some couples have an after-session to supplement their wedding photos.

After-sessions are fun, and you’ll find different couples calling it other things: a post-wedding session, a day after session, or even an adventure session; they all refer to the same thing.

If you’re unsure whether an after-session is for you, we listed out a few reasons below why we believe it is!

  • Improved Guest Experience

Rather than keeping your guests waiting for 2-3 hours in the middle of your wedding day, spend time with them. For example, have a lawn party in the afternoon or join them during cocktail hour.

An after-session allows you to focus on the things that matter the most on your wedding day: your loved ones.

  • Less Time Restriction

Weddings, though wonderful, are hectic. There are simply too many guests to meet, far too many things to do, and not nearly enough energy to accomplish everything!

If you truly want to enjoy your special day, you’ll need more time. One way to get time is by shortening the photo sessions and arranging an after-session.

  • The Best Light Is At Golden Hour

Many weddings have photos taken during the day between the ceremony and reception or before the ceremony. But do you know the irony? Couples rarely get their pictures taken during sunset, and that’s quite a shame because that’s when the light is at its best.

What’s a simple solution to this? Have an after-session and take beautiful pictures at sunset!

Your after-session can be one of the best ways to remember your wedding day, and it allows you and your partner to be adventurous too. We say this because you’re not restricted to just one or two locations. You can go anywhere to have your after-session.

Mike Robinson Photography, a professional Lake Tahoe and Reno wedding photographer, knows all too well about capturing special moments in unique locations.

When I cover your wedding, you’re guaranteed photos that will last a lifetime; fond memories forever preserved in beautiful wedding pictures! Click here to contact me today or call me on this number: 775-225-5548.

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