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4 Getting-Ready Photos You Should Never Miss

The getting-ready photo session has evolved a great deal. Gone are the days when it was a moment hidden from cameras. Instead, it’s now a celebration involving bridesmaids and even beauty consultants!

Every bride wants her wedding pictures to be perfect, and we believe every bride deserves only the best getting-ready photos.

I’ll tell you a bit about some photos you should never miss if you want to get a peek into the bride’s preparation. No getting ready session is complete without them!

Getting Your Wedding Dress On

This might sound a little redundant, but for this part, you’ll need someone who knows exactly how to put your gown on you. During this moment you might want to choose someone special or close to you for these pictures.

The person you choose might want to also know a little bit about your dress while they are helping you put in on, whether it’s a simple zip up or multiple buttons.

Sitting Down With Your Dress For The First Time

Trying the dress for the first time and sitting in it is a moment every bride looks forward to. It’s a special moment, and it should be captured and preserved just like the rest of your wedding.

Quiet Moments Before Seeing Your Loved One

The bride’s preparations happen in a separate room, away from the groom. This is the part where you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and silence before the excitement of the big day. Your bridesmaids will be there to help you, of course.

Saying Goodbye To Your Mother

This is easily the toughest thing to do on your wedding day. Your mother helped you become the person you are today, and the moment you say goodbye to her to begin your life anew must be captured. It’s a beautiful moment that words can never truly capture, but a picture certainly can!

I understand how special yet fleeting these moments all are. I know once they pass, they can never be replicated again.

That’s why when I cover your wedding, you won’t even know I’m there. I’ll document every wonderful moment of the entire day, from when you’re getting ready, to when you finally leave the venue, or just holding hands with your loved one.

Michael Robinson Photography will be there to capture and tell your story to the world using lovely pictures.

No matter how many years pass, each time you look at your wedding pictures, the emotions you felt at your wedding will come flooding back. You’ll be reminded of all the fun and merriment of that beautiful day.

I can do all this for you, and I offer multiple packages to accommodate your budget. Click here to contact me and book me for your upcoming Lake Tahoe and Reno wedding.

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