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5 Photographs That Will Make Your Wedding Hugs the Most Memorable

“I’m about to say some pretty heavy things, but please hear me out. Hugs are divine. When you hug somebody, you’re showing them love and affection... It’s an act of the heart, it’s all about love.

“So, when I take a wedding picture of a bride hugging a groom, what am I trying to say? What am I trying to capture?

“When you look at the picture, what emotions do you feel?”

- Louis B. Henriques

The best wedding photos are ones that tell a story about your relationship. These can be posed photographs, candid shots, or even staged scenes with the bridal party members playing a part.

In all of these instances, you want to be able to relive the day as if you were experiencing it for the first time. That includes being able to recall those little details from your big wedding day that bring back strong memories and feelings.

One of those is going to be the hugs, kisses, and embraces shared between you and your wedding party or between you and your partner.

As a wedding photographer, I have taken many photos of the bride and groom hugging their parents after getting married. The reactions are always priceless, but these five hugs stand out as my favorite ones to capture!

Photo #1 The Hug Between a Mother-In-Law and Son-In-Law

Of all the mothers in the world, this is one relationship that’s bound to be complicated. So, it’s up to the son-in-law to build a healthy, respectful relationship with his mother-in-law so she can embrace him as her new son.

This hug is not only about two people joining together but also letting go of someone they love. So, be sure to include sentimental details in your photo, such as the mother-in-law’s wedding ring and stone stud earrings.

Photo #2 The First Embrace Between A Bride And Her New Husband

This usually takes a few seconds for the bride to realize she’s now a wife! The excitement etched on her face is one of the most beautiful sights anyone will ever see.

Capturing that moment when the groom slips the wedding ring on her finger. A candid shot where you can see their hands is a sweet addition to this photo.

Photo #3 Highlights of the Bride’s Mother and Father-In-Law

These are two very important people in the bride’s life. This hug represents respect, admiration, support, and love from both sides of the family after you have been officially introduced as a married couple.

The mother-in-law’s wedding ring and the father’s cuff link and tie bar will make this photo stand out.

Photo #4 A Mother/Son-In-Law Hug, With the Groom Hugging Mother

This hug represents gratitude for all she has done for him over the years. Her emotional reaction will make this an emotional shot to experience through the lens.

Photo #5 A Group Hug of Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents, and Siblings

These people have helped make the wedding a truly memorable day for the newlyweds on their wedding.

This photo shows that you can include as many people as you want because your wedding isn’t just about the bride and groom.

So, whether you’re going for a traditional or candid style approach at your wedding, consider these five hug photos for a brilliant display of love and emotion. And if you haven’t found a wedding photographer yet who captures them well, I’m here for you!

I am Michael Robinson, a professional Lake Tahoe, and Reno wedding photographer. So whether you’re embracing your loved ones, clapping as your friends hit the dance floor, or just smiling in pride as you look at your partner, I’ll be there to capture every special moment.

I aim to tell a timeless story with beautiful pictures. I want your wedding day to live on forever in pictures that will remain as beautiful as the day they were taken.

Michael Robinson Photography can make all this possible. All you have to do is click here to contact me or schedule a free consultation.

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