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Vendor Spotlight - Your Memorable Day

One of the most important vendors in your wedding team will be your officiant. There can’t be a wedding without a professional wedding officiant.

That’s why today, we’ll introduce you to a wedding officiant we love working with. They are called Your Memorable Day, and they offer a standard officiant service and micro-weddings.

Carol is a non-denominational officiant and it’s always exciting to tell eager couples about what Carol offers them.

It’s a new week and a new month, and we welcome Your Memorable Day in our first vendor spotlight for February!

Why Should I Hire Them for My Wedding?

Couples love Your Memorable Day because Carol goes out of her way to make their big day as fun as possible. And because she offers multiple packages, there’s always something for every kind of couple.

If you want to celebrate your wedding outside of Reno, she has packages covering that. And if you want something a little more adventurous, ask her about the special elopement ceremony she can perform, or go for the “A Touch of Adventure” to celebrate atop or at the bottom of a mountain!

What Other Services Does She Offer?

She offers many of them, and they’re all great. For example, the Officiate Ceremony (Reno/Sparks area) is one of the best. Select this plan, and she’ll go over the format of your wedding ceremony with you before the big day and ensure everything is perfect.

You can decide to do this in person, via email, or over the phone; Carol is fine with any way you choose. What matters to her is your comfort and you get what you want.

Like any true professional, she will dress to match your wedding colors or wear a neutral color to keep everyone’s focus on you during the wedding.

After your wedding, you will get your marriage license with the proper County Recorder within ten days by mail or in person.

Carol wants you to enjoy your wedding with the love of your life, and she offers perks that make the experience so much better!

Can I Get Discounts?

Yes, of course! Carol offers discount prices to some select pairs. So, as long as you are a first responder, essential worker, active military personnel or veteran, or a senior, you can get a good discount. She’ll help in any way she can to ensure your wedding day is a memorable one.

If you don’t belong to any of the groups above, there’s no need to worry. Carol still has an excellent price for couples ready to tie the knot. Of course, the prices vary depending on the location you choose, but we’ll tell you this: regardless of what you choose, Carol will make your wedding day an event to remember.

Michael Robinson Photography will do the same for you too. Carol helps couples tell their love story, and the pictures I take will help keep that story forever young.

Anytime you look at your wedding pictures, you’ll be reminded of the day you began this journey and started a new life together. All the emotions, the laughter, the joy, the happy and proud tears; everything will come flooding back.

My name is Michael Robinson, and I’m your favorite Lake Tahoe and Reno wedding photographer. To contact me and secure my services, click here.

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