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What Is a Parent Album?

The parent albums are near replicas of the main albums at 8x8” size. They usually have the same design on the inside pages yet the album is smaller and lighter weight than the bride and groom’s album.

We recommend you get an album for your wedding and provide each set of parents their own, as a wonderful “thank you” gift. This is a great way to honor the love and support they have given. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you want a parent album.

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  • Your Album is Your Legacy

Your wedding album is the best way to tell the story of how your family began! You and your children will cherish it for a lifetime. As you are a part of your parent’s legacy, a parent album is an amazing way for them to hold on to you as you move on in life.

As a child, I remember looking at my parents' and grandparents' wedding photos and hearing stories from the past. I learned about family members that I never met and was able to see who they were. It is always amazing to me how much story a photograph can share.

For some, the cost may be a consideration. There are options for this investment you have made in hiring someone to capture these important memories. You can have your photographer put together your album or you can create one yourself. In both cases, there is a huge range of prices and quality.

Remember that this is one of the most important days of your life and you have invested a great deal of time and money. It is worth investing a little more to have the physical album to enjoy.

  • Make A Copy

As we see technology quickly change and digital storage formats become obsolete or fail, we can see how important a physical record is.

It is recommended that you should maintain multiple copies of your wedding pictures on various media or devices. The most appreciated being those on the wall that you see every day and the album that contains the memories of your special day.

Having an album designed by your photographer offers a stress-free option where you do not need to worry about how to design the layout. You will go through your gallery with your photographer and choose the images that you want to include and they build it for you.

It has been found that most couples that only get the digital files will never print them (at least not many of them, 5-10 images) and rarely ever even look at them after posting them on social media.

  • Organize Yourself

If you decide to create your own album, separate your photos first by your favorites and then by category (ceremony, getting ready, family, reception, cake cutting, etc.). This will allow you to build your album in an organized way. A little preparation ahead of time will save you hours of headaches later.

You might need to separate the wedding photos into appropriate folders for you and another for your family. There may be some photos that you want to just be for the two of you and there will be many that are not important to your family.

  • Make A Base Album for Yourself

If you want your album to look more personal, start with a “base” album and upload all the photographs you’ve tagged. Arrange all pictures, customize the design to your liking, and save the album.

Now, if you are creative and have the time, making an album is fine and good, but you’ll need a professional wedding photographer to capture stunning wedding photos, won’t you? I’ll be happy to assist you here!

Mike Robinson is a professional Lake Tahoe and Reno wedding photographer who excels at capturing couples in photos that will last a lifetime.

I make sure every photo tells a story; each photo is unique. Think of the photos as an assurance the beautiful memories shared at your wedding will never be lost because you’ll always recall the amazing day once you see them. So, if you want to reach me and learn more about my services, click here.

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