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How Can You End Your Reception with Pictures?

Your answer to this question depends on how long your wedding will be. If you want a sweet and short wedding, you can end your reception in 30 – 45 minutes. However, if you plan a long wedding ceremony, a 2 to 5 hours reception will work fine.

Ending your reception also depends on your planned activities for the wedding. For example, setting up a bar and offering guests your signature cocktail or lovely wedding favors will be the perfect backdrop for pictures!

All these activities will make your reception the most exciting part of the wedding and give your photographer ample time to take pictures of your reception!

· Be Aware of Your Curfew Time

Knowing your curfew time will also help you fix the closing time for your reception. For example, if your wedding venue’s curfew time is 10 pm, your reception can go on for four hours, starting by 5 or 6 pm and ending by 10 pm.

· Keep to Your Timeline

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, it might be tough to keep track of your wedding timeline in today’s world. Having an event planner and a DJ, on the other hand, can help you end your ceremony in style.

And, of course, you’ll need to ensure every special moment is captured and frozen in beautiful photos forever. That’s where your professional wedding photographer comes into play.

They’ll be there, taking pictures of wonderful and even fleeting moments throughout the reception.

  • A Fantastic Send-off

After the wedding ceremony, sparklers will be an excellent way to send off the couple while simultaneously surprising guests. The displays can be used as your grand finale and provide spectacular illumination for photographs.

Here’s how it should be done. Once the reception is over, all your guests should line up outside with sparklers surrounding you as you depart. Have the photographer take photos of you throughout this beautiful moment.

Congratulations once more, and we would be honored to cover your upcoming Lake Tahoe or Reno wedding.

Mike Robinson Photography is a professional wedding photographer whose primary goal is to preserve every beautiful moment of your big day is stunning photos. Click here to contact me today!

*Important note about sparkler use. It is very dependent on the venue and time of year due to high fire danger in the summer and fall. This is great for spring and winter weddings or on a beach or pier.

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